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Education: University Courses

Site, Set, and Media: Puppeted Architecture

Fall 2010 / Winter 2011.
Instructors: Dana Cuff, Jason Payne, Jeff Burke.
Architecture and Urban Design 289.1.

This two-quarter course explored the theory and manifestations of the design of physically malleable scenery that is site-specific and incorporates projected digital media. The students’ final collaborative work was the design for an an original adaptation of Macbeth, developed by Jared J. Stein, Peter Karapetkov, and Jeff Burke.

Puppeted Architecture was inspired by REMAP’s work with the Rhodopi International Theatre Laboratory, PURE Theatre and Three Chairs Theatre, and draws from literature on multimedia performance, architectural theory and theatrical scenography. The course was a collaboration between the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television and Department of Architecture and Urban Design.