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Education: University Courses

Engaged Media Production Workshop

2008-2011 & Spring 2012.
Instructor: Fabian Wagmister.
Film, Television and Digital Media 298A.

Urban-space and media-space are merging in complex, intriguing and problematic ways suggesting new forms of personal and collective expression and new production processes. The convergence of media-gathering technologies, Wi-Fi transmission, urban sensing, mobile devices, social computing, interpretive media databases, etc. makes possible the creation of locative, collective, contextual and engaged media experiences. Media makers become media architects, media works become media systems, and viewers become creators.

To explore this new mediascape, TFT's REMAP created Remapping LA, a project based at the evolving Los Angeles State Historic Park (downtown). Through a partnership with California State Parks, and donations from Cisco and Nokia, the project has developed a unique public-space experimental media environment and creation toolset.

Students in this workshop-styled class explored the city, its history, communities, and narratives, and created participatory media architectures demonstrated as experimental media works at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.