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Education: Lectures & Workshops

IDM Showcases

Los Angeles, 2014-present.

Since the beginning of the 2013-14 academic year, REMAP researchers and artists have been supporting the work of students in TFT's Interactive Digital Media (IDM) concentration. Under the supervision of REMAP's Fabian Wagmister and Jeff Burke, the students have developed and built interactive installations as their thesis projects. 

Initially called the "Non-Fiction/Digital Media and Interactive Animation" program, the concentration's first showcase presented five mixed-media pieces at the 23rd annual UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Film Festival. Descriptions of these capstone projects, created by UCLA students Cole Baker, Balbinka Korzeniowska, Zoe Sandoval, Tyler Schwartz, and Jackie Watson as collaborations with REMAP, are available at digidea.remap.ucla.edu.

During the program's second year, the IDM students' projects were created as prototypes for the new Los Angeles State Historic Park Welcome Pavilion, using OpenPTrack as the interface for body-based audience interactions. Premiering as a “Sneak Peek” at the 24th annual UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Film Festival in TFT's Television Studio # 3, the pieces were reinstalled at the Downtown Los Angeles space of IMLab, which holds a full-sized mockup of the Pavilion. For information about each of these pieces, please visit: Pedal L.A.; OneForAnother; Explore the Los Angeles RiverEnclaves; and Greenspace Los Angeles.

In 2015-16, the work with OpenPTrack and IMLab continued with RAP HEADS by Patrick Fontenette and FIRST by Emmanuel Ramos Barajas: IDM2016.