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Fabian Wagmister

Fabian's current work focuses on alternative technological modes for collective creativity. He collaborates with diverse communities to generate reflexive media systems emphasizing cultural and locative specificity. In this context technology and culture converge into a performative practice of investigation and expression.

Fabian teaches audiovisual creativity and new forms of digital creation at UCLA's department of Film, Television & Digital Media. At UCLA he was instrumental in the creation and growth of the Laboratory for New Media (1993), a curricular space for the exploration of digital aesthetics; the HyperMedia Studio (1997), a research environment focusing on physical and interpretive computing  in performance, installation, and media art; and the Program on Digital Cultures (2001), a center converging  regional studies (Latin America) and digital communications to support the development of empowered technological identities.

A native of La Pampa, Argentina, Fabian maintains active collaboration with artists and theorists throughout Latin America.  In 2002 he created the Centro Hipermediatico Experimental Latinoamericano (cheLA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a center dedicated to research and experimentation at the intersections of community, culture, and technology.

Fabian’s own work at REMAP has focused on the development of a framework for Cultural Civic Computing, an approach centered on the relationships between collective creativity and civic empowerment.

Fabian’s works include:

  • enGage ludiCity:  a Situationist-inspired ludic urban action (detournement / derive) using mobile technology for collective design and reflexion on the psychogeography and historicity of Los Angeles (2009)
  • Remapping-LA/Hollywould: a community-driven project merging social engagement, creative experimentation and technological research to explore a neighborhood’s physical, cultural, and social conditions. (2008)
  • ImageAbility: A cognitive mapping interface to interpretive databases about the history of Los Angeles. (2006)