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Alessandro Marianantoni

Affiliated Researcher

Alessandro works on cultural, entertainment, environmental and social fields with emphasis on technology. He has produced several interactive installations exhibited between the USA and Europe, receiving public and private sponsorships.

He studied Computer Science at the University of L’Aquila, with a thesis on perceptual interfaces at the USC Integrated Media System Center. Afterward he started as a researcher for REMAP. While based in Los Angeles he often travels to Italy where, with public funding, he started MEDIARS, an Experimental Center focused on Cultural Heritage and Technology.

In 2009 he has been invited with Marcos Lutyens at the Royal Academy of Arts in London to create an interactive art sculpture for the museum’s façade on climate change issue commissioned by the National Trust (UK).

Alessandro's most recent project is a collaboration with Google Goggles: Voices from the Colosseum

Website: http://www.alexrieti.com/