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Alexander Horn

Staff Developer Emeritus

Alexander Horn aka Nano grew from realtime video to specialize in information visualization, human computer interaction, embedded systems, and public interactive installation. Over the past 14 years he has installed work at SiggraphFILE Sao Paolo, Chicago's lounges, nightclubs, and MCA, street festivals in New Orleans, Children's hospitals in St Louis & New York, and law offices and public schools in London.

He enjoys making systems perform well enough to be left unattended for long periods of time; and if they can instill awe & wonder & inspiration while running, even better!

Along the way he's had the privilege of meeting some of the finest artists this generation has yet to offer, from James Powderly to Julian Oliver to Cody Hudson, Shana Moulton, Jason Salavon, Scott Draves, Greyworld, and countless others.

At REMAP, he's currently working with on the NDN project, and looks forward to working with the team & taking that as far as it can go, as well as collaborating on anything else that comes up along the way.