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Zoe Sandoval

Field Project Manager

Zoe is a recent TFT graduate. Her emphasis in the Film department was in non-fiction and digital media. She focused much of her work in documentary filmmaking and exploring new technology. Zoe's thesis was an interactive installation based off of the mythology of the Tree of Life and the Pythagorean theorem. Other work included producing and managing the Google Glass experiences, Grace Plains and Bodies for a Global Brain.

At REMAP, Zoe organizes and coordinates various projects such as the Future Storytelling Summer Institute, the LASHP Trails mobile website with IMLab, and the Internet Architecture program Named Data Networking. Although she received a degree in the Arts, Zoe is is fascinated by the exponential growth of science and technology and the way it informs and augments our everyday interactions. When she isn't at work or doing research, Zoe is inspired by fleeting, serendipitous moments.

Website: zoesandoval.com