Jeff Burke
Assistant Dean, Technology and Innovation
UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
My work explores (usually by building things) how emerging technologies can serve expressive and social goals. I'm interested in creating new relationships among media, performer, audience, and the built environment, and in particular how technology can better support creative authorship of 'systems' and not just 'content'.

I am Assistant Dean for Technology and Innovation at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. I helped to start and still co-direct REMAP, the Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance, a collaboration with the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. I am Co-PI and application team lead for the Named Data Networking "future internet architecture" research project. From 2006-12, I was area lead for participatory and urban sensing at the NSF Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS).

Email: jburke at ucla dot edu. Twitter: @_jeffburke @uclaremap Office: 202 East Melnitz Hall, UCLA. Vita in pdf.

Media for Performance
These productions experiment with how to (someday) employ digital technology in transformative and meaningful ways in live performance. They probe different facets of performance and technology, as in the parable of the elephant.

Film / Video
While many of my projects use moving images in other contexts, these use video as their primary media.

I've also created and collaborated on a variety of 'media art' works.

Professional consulting on construction projects, with w a kenningar associates. Representative projects below.
Future Internet Architecture: Named Data Networking
UCLA is leading a twelve institution research project on Named Data Networking, funded by the National Science Foundation as part of its Future Internet Architecture program. It aims to develop a next generation content-based architecture for the internet that can function with or without TCP/IP. I am the applications team lead for this project, and at UCLA we are exploring instrumented environments, participatory sensing, and media distribution as drivers for this innovative approach to networking.

An open source platform for real-time positional tracking of people, for arts, culture, education, and entertainment collaboration.

Remapping LA
REMAP's long-term research effort Remapping LA seeks to create models of 'cultural civic computing'. It was started by my colleague Fabian Wagmister and together we've developed software and systems for individuals and community groups to explore their identities and histories. (More...)

Participatory Urban Sensing
Research at the NSF Center for Embedded Networked Sensing to make everyday smartphones act as instruments anyone can use to sense things that they care about. (More...)

Research Collaborations
Sensing and interactive media in other disciplines, places, and ways.

Given at UCLA's Department of Film, Television of Digital Media and Art Center College of Design's Graduate Industrial Design program.