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Partnerships: International

Rhodopi International Theatre Laboratory (RITL)

Smolyan, Bulgaria, 2005-2012.

For eight summers, REMAP participated in a month-long conservatory training and professional residency program hosted at the Rhodopi Dramatichen Theater in Smolyan, Bulgaria. The summer program was created by UCLA alumnus Jared J. Stein and Bulgarian director Peter Karapetkov, and took place in the center of the breathtaking Rhodopi Mountains, the mythological birthplace of Orpheus.

UCLA REMAP's participation was funded by multiple grants from the Trust for Mutual Understanding. REMAP's research within the performing arts expanded each summer, allowing artists from six continents practicing both traditional forms and contemporary approaches to engage with the application of emerging technologies.

Participants from REMAP included Jeff Burke, Jonathan Snipes, Vanessa Holtgrewe, Brian Mohr, Eitan Mendelowitz, Cat Deakins, Cristina Bercovitz, Francesco Capodieci, and Sun Young Moon.