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Partnerships: International

South@North@South (sanas)

UC (multiple campuses) and Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2005-2007.

As an extension of the long-term, evolving international (research, exchange and creative) collaboration between the UC-Digital Arts Research Network (UC DARNet) and the Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano (cheLA), sanas was at once a cross-cultural dialogue, technological research, and public art production project.

This multilayered, multidisciplinary process sought to investigate and generate a set of tools and processes for meaningful dialogues and exchanges between artists and akin communities from California and Argentina -- working under the premise that such a relational approach and collaboration would result in better understanding of both the local specificities and boundary-less commonalities of the rapidly evolving socio-cultural technological environments and their identity-defining effects. Ultimately the project’s objective was to enable the participating individuals and communities to take an active and self-determining stance towards technology.

Three specifically conceived researched projects by UC DARnet members converged to generate a comprehensive set of design specifications, functionalities, and interfaces for an integrative technological distributed system. The fundamental interconnectivity sought in this system was the enabling building block for these three projects and the longer-term UC DARnet-cheLA collaboration.

To realize the relational objectives and potentials of this approach, three UC artists and two graduate student researchers engaged in a rigorous in-residence research, development, and production program at cheLA. This far-reaching, concerted effort involving local partners, high-level technologists, and community groups was constructed and presented as a distributed form of a performative public artwork.