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  • Cultural Civic Computing

    REMAP's signature research effort seeks to develop alternatives to the dominant personal computing model, offering new approaches for public space and community-based computing.

  • Live Peformance

    REMAP's work in live performance explores new relationships among the body, media, scenery and text enabled by new technology.  Recent productions have incorporated realtime 3D graphics and sensing alongside live action, puppetry, and movement.

  • Interactive Installations

    Since its beginning as the HyperMedia Studio in 1997, REMAP has used interactive, media-rich installations to explore alternative relationships among media and viewer-participants.

  • Film, Television & Digital Media

    The Center's researchers have created and participated in original films and videos related to its research, as well as technology development projects that seek to expand the available vocabulary of media making.

  • Technology

    REMAP undertakes technology research projects that have the opportunity to create innovative, significant results based on multidisciplinary collaboration.