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Research: Cultural Civic Computing

Eco-Interns/Earth Day Latino

Los Angeles State Historic Park, 2011.

Twenty-five Latino students gather on the first weekend of April 2011 to engage in a cultural media project, with Fabian Wagmister. Armed with mobile phone cameras and empowered with creative imagination, they actively research and gather information in the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Together they create a collective expression of the co-existence of nature and the city.

Their efforts are translated into a billboard and the final artwork unveils opposite the park on Earth Day Latino. There, For the first time, a two-day long event is held with activities that revolve around environmental conservation in urban surroundings and learning about the Los Angeles natural landscape.  Over that weekend, the Latino community gets together at the Los Angeles State Historic Park to participate in flora and tree planting, outdoor activities and bonfire presentations. They are also treated to free Brown Bag Lunches before taking part in the first annual Los Angeles River Walk-A-Thon the following day.

Eco-Interns is a joint project between UCLA REMAP, California State Parks and William C. Velasquez Institute.

Earth Day Latino is a collaboration between UCLA REMAP, California State Parks, William C. Valesquez Institute, Mia Lehrer & Associates and Anahuak Youth Sports Association.

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Pictures on Earth Day Latino