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Research: Interactive Installations


UCLA Family Commons, Santa Monica, 2009-present.

REMAP led the design and installation of six interactive colored lanterns in the window of UCLA Family Commons to reflect how the citizens of Santa Monica feel each day. These lanterns have 600 individually addressable elements whose colors change to reflect the Family Commons' community's feelings that day. Participants can share their emotions anonymously through the web and Facebook, and these responses affect the colors of the lanterns.

The spectrum of emotions translates into the different hues of the lanterns -- orange-yellows for good, purple-blues for bad, and green for in-between. As these feelings intensify, the colors follow suit.

Beacon is a collaboration between the Family Commons, UCLA REMAP, Drisko Studio Architects, and Creable. The glass lanterns were fabricated by Judson Studios and installed by w a kenningar.

UCLA Family Commons - uclafamilycommons.com/beacon
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