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Research: Interactive Installations

Interactive Digital Mural at The Los Angeles State Historic Park

Los Angeles State Historic Park, 2012-2013.

Funded through an NSF EAGER grant from the Cyberlearning program, our 2012-13 interactive digital mural project furthered the Interpretive Media Laboratory partnership between UCLA REMAP and California State Parks while incorporating research in the learning sciences.

The project aimed to create a prototype cyberlearning experience at the Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP) through the development of an interactive mural. This public space installation was an opportunity for informal learning experiences, but also a tool for local community members to generate their own content. Sensors enabled the public to interact with the mural through body movements.

During the prototype phase, researchers from UCLA REMAP and the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies worked closely with the City Life program and local youth to produce the interactive mural and understand their experience in authoring and facilitating use of the mural. The interactive mural influenced an evolving digital toolset that promotes civic engagement and expresses the social memory of the park's users.

The historically significant LASHP area is at the center of many urban redevelopment plans. IMLab aims to empower the local community through an interface for learning about local urban planning issues and expressing their informed perspectives.

Citylab: citylife-la.org

IMLab 2012 Summer High School Workshop: remap.ucla.edu/education/lectures-and-workshops/759-imlab-2012-summer-high-school-workshop