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Research: Interactive Installations


UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, 2014-present.

A web-based installation created for the Non-Fiction/Digital Media Showcase at the the 23rd annual UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Film Festival (June 2014), aboutface used information and photographs generated by users to give a subjective identity to the city of Los Angeles that could be examined and changed by the viewers. Audience members entered personal information and had their pictures taken, and were given the opportunity to alter their profile and manipulate the averages.

The new iteration, Faces at the Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP), will implement location and movement-based sensors. In addition to a more park-specific set of questions and queries for the audience, the new version will make use of the dimensionality of space as a way for audiences to interact with the averaging algorithms and the faces of other participants. Users' locations and motions will have the capacity to be instrumental in the creation of averages in the space. This playful utilization of space and technology is intended to encourage LASHP visitors to actively engage with the space and people around them.

REMAP's Jeff Burke and Fabian Wagmister supervised Frontend Designer/Project Lead Cole Baker (TFT 2014) during the project's development, and are now supervising the modifications. REMAP has been providing production, management and technical support. Backend development is being provided by Zhehao Wang.

Description of the inaugural Showcase pieces: digidea.remap.ucla.edu