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Research: Live Performance

An Adaptation of Macbeth

Plovdiv Dramatichen Theatre, 2013. (Invited.)

The original multimedia theatrical work, An Adaptation of Macbeth, has evolved out of an ongoing international collaboration. The project continues the strong relationship between UCLA and the Bulgarian host company, the Rhodopi Dramatichen Theater, now combined with Plovdiv’s theater under the continued artistic direction of Krystu Krastev.

About the piece: An Adaptation of Macbeth is a full-length original play that has arisen out of the Rhodopi International Theater Laboratory. It is a new work written by Jared J. Stein, which will be first directed by Peter Karapetkov, a Bulgarian director currently residing in Arlington, Virginia. Technology and media design will be by Jeff Burke of UCLA REMAP.

The project represents a further step in this group’s investigations of theatrical media and their place within the Cyber Age. Based on a dialogue and experiments that began at UCLA in 2010 through interdisciplinary courses in theater, media and architecture, parts of the text were later first workshopped in Smolyan, Bulgaria in the summer of 2011. Now, the media for the piece is under further development at UCLA with support from two full-time international interns from the Singapore MDA-SHAPE program. Workshops of the project have been conducted in conjunction with the Site, Set, and Media: Puppeted Architecture course and at cheLa in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Workshop participants and development partners include Three Chairs Theatre (Los Angeles) and PURE Theatre (Charleston).