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Research: Live Performance

Grace Plains

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and Google's YouTube Space Los Angeles, 2013-2014.

As one of two productions resulting from TFT's participation in Google's Glass Creative Collective and the corresponding two-semester course,
Location-Based and Audience-Aware Storytelling, Grace Plains combined interactive theatre with live-action role-playing.

Audience participants were led along a continuously changing set of circumstances as they unfolded on three different sets at Google's YouTube Space Los Angeles. A team of writers, directors, and technicians from control rooms elsewhere in the complex fed the participants and actors shifting plot points, dialogue, motivations and instructions via Glass, as well as images and audio within their surroundings. 

The course, taught by REMAP's Jeff Burke, was designed to guide students through the process of conceptualizing, authoring, producing and distributing "next generation" experiences, allowing the possibilities of wearable technology to expand and rebuild narrative conventions. REMAP researchers collaborated with the students (from across the UCLA campus: TFT, Computer Science, Business, etc.) throughout the process, and provided key project management and extensive technical support.

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