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Research: Live Performance

Einstein's Dreams

REMAP and Cuerda Productions at cheLA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013.

UCLA REMAP and the Buenos Aires-based company Cuerda Productions collaboratively experimented with the use of media in aerial performance at cheLA. The intensive, exploratory workshop used Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman as its source material, and researched possibilities for new software, composition, sound & lighting design, the projection of images, video & text, and Cuerda's water wall & "flying" actors.

The REMAP team consisted of Jeff Burke (REMAP Executive Director), developer Alexander Horn, theatre artists Cristina Bercovitz & Jared J. Stein, lighting & projections designer Matthew Johns, composer & sound designer Jonathan Snipes, and programmer Wentao Shang.

Videos of the experiments are available here.