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Research: Live Performance

Los Atlantis

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, 2014-2015.

Los Atlantis was an experimental stage piece created by J. Ed Araiza, Jeff Burke and TFT students. Incorporating immersive projection, online streaming, and participatory theatre techniques, the production created an evolving digital memory of the piece's location (for this premiere, Los Angeles), as well as of each performance and audience to impact the next.

Los Atlantis followed a small band of travelers as they explored the futuristic Archive of a historical city. Invited to accompany the travelers, the audience could interact with various interfaces to explore and contribute to the Archive's contents (online at first and then in-person). During each performance of the run, audience members (in-person and additional online viewers) were guided through a series of vignettes integrating media from the Archive, with their participation further expanding its holdings.

The project was the first of three Google-supported Future Storytelling research projects, to take place at TFT, and was developed in part during the Future Storytelling Studio course (co-taught by Araiza and Burke, 2014-2015). The Archive manifested itself with a physical performance at UCLA, a YouTube channel, a mobile website for the in-person audience (“the Guide”), and a website for the online audience ("the Observatory”).