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Future Internet Architecture: Named Data Networking


REMAP's Jeff Burke is Co-PI and application team lead for the Named Data Networking project, a multiple-institution collaboration supported by NSF under the leadership of UCLA Computer Science and PARC. REMAP's project team includes Alessandro Marianantoni, Alex Horn, Derek Kulinski, and Gauresh Rane. Dr. Lixia Zhang (UCLA Computer Science) is Lead PI.

NDN is a new Internet architecture that transitions from the host-based addressing of the current Internet to addressing based on data names. With support from the National Science Foundation’s Future Internet Architecture program, it is currently under development by UCLA, PARC, and several other institutions throughout the United States and abroad. One of several research efforts in the area often called "information-centric networking" (ICN) or "content-centric networking" (CCN), NDN simplifies application programming by enabling addressing to more closely match application semantics, provides bandwidth performance enhancement (by using router memory for content caching), and offers intrinsic security building blocks such as the use of per-packet cryptographic signatures that bind specific content to names.

While the Internet has far exceeded expectations, it has also stretched initial assumptions, often creating tussles that challenge its underlying communication model. Users and applications operate in terms of content, making it increasingly limiting and difficult to conform to IP's requirement to communicate by discovering and specifying location. To carry the Internet into the future, a conceptually simple yet transformational architectural shift is required, from today's focus on where (addresses and hosts) to what (the content that users and applications care about).

Of particular interest to REMAP is the impact research of instrumented environments, participatory sensing, and media distribution can have on NDN development for applications that are both functional and expressive. Collaborating with the UCLA Computer Science Department's Internet Research Lab (IRL) and Dr. Lixia Zhang, REMAP researchers are engaged with significant efforts related to live and prerecorded video streaming, authenticated lighting control, peer-to-peer gaming, and peer-to-peer file syncing ‒ all over NDN ‒ as well as a JavaScript library for NDN.

In September 2014, at UCLA, REMAP hosted the first community meeting for the NDN project. The first of a planned series, NDNcomm 2014 provided an opportunity to discuss existing capabilities and potential opportunities for the NDN software platform to serve the scientific research community.

Site: named-data.net.

National Science Foundation Award CNS-1040868.

Image: Video streaming over NDN (on the laptops) from UCLA Film, Television and Digital Media Television Studio #1.