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The Illuminator is a sensor network based intelligent light control system for entertainment and media production, created in a collaboration between UCLA's Networked and Embedded Systems Laboratory (NESL) and UCLA REMAP.

Unlike most sensor network applications that focus on sensing alone, a distinctive aspect of Illuminator is that it closes the loop from light sensing to control of lights. To satisfy the high-performance light sensing requirements in entertainment and media production applications, the system uses Illumimote, which is a multi-modal and high fidelity light sensor module that is well suited to wireless sensor networks. The Illuminator system provides a toolset to characterize lights, to generate desired lighting effects for user constraints expressed in a formal language, and to help set up lights. Given light configuration, Illuminator computes at run-time optimal light settings using an optimization framework based on a genetic algorithm.

Site: nesl.ee.ucla.edu.

Pablo Gutierrez
Jeff Burke
Vids Samanta

NESL (Networked and Embedded Systems Laboratory)
Jonathan Friedman
Heemin Park
Mani Srivastava